Check Out Our Rexton Hearing Aid Products in Abilene, TX

Choose a Reliable Hearing Aid

When you need to find a hearing aid, you'll want to make sure you choose a top-notch product from a reliable brand. Texas State Hearing Aid Device Center sources Rexton hearing aids to give you the best options for hearing aid products.

Rexton products are designed to target the parts of the ear specifically affected by hearing loss, which makes them a practical choice in slowing the process. Make an appointment at our hearing aid center in Abilene, TX today to learn more.

Rexton Hearing Aid Features


Hearing aids can be rechargeable so you can spare the hassle of battery changing. Rechargeable hearing aids feature advanced lithium-ion technology, with up to 61 hours wear time on a single charge (depending on hearing aid model)


Audio signals from smartphones, TVs or HiFi devices can be streamed wirelessly to your Rexton hearing aids; either direct or via transmitter. Direct Audio Streaming works from iOS devices, Andoid devices can be streamed in combination with the Smart Mic accessory.

My Voice

Rexton hearing aids recognize their wearer's specific voice pattern and integrate it naturally into the amplification. In turn, this will enable to wearer to perceive their own voice as natural as possible.

High Resolution Soundpro

High Resolution Soundpro analyzes the acoustic environment more thoroughly than ever before. And goes beyond. The motion sensor adds a totally new aspect into the definition of specific hearing scenarios. The result: a more individualized hearing experience and better sounds quality than ever.

Intelligent Feedback Preventer

Identifies feedback at a high speed.


Rexton hearing aids with Tinnitus Function contain a sound generator in addition to regular hearing aid functions. By adding a sound pattern around a wearer's individual tinnitus signal, the unwanted noise can be wrapped and softened. This helps to find some measure of relief.