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Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer that is based out of Chicago, IL. Over the years they have built a legacy of excellence and commitment to outstanding product performance, design, and customer satisfaction.

Unitron Hearing Aid Features

Focus in on speech

AutoFocus 360 uses a binaural network of four microphones to determine where speech is coming from and dynamically alters the amplification in each ear.

Downplay distractions

AutoFocus 360 employs dynamic noise reduction to reduce distracting background noise. This makes it easier to engage in face to face conversations in loud environments.

Boost soft voices

Soft speech lift enhances the subtle nuances in speech, making even quieter voices clearer and more comfortable to hear.

Keep the subtle cues

The hearing aids are designed Spatial Awareness to compensate for cues typically lost in hearing aids.

More options than ever

You can connect to two digital devices at the same time - a phone and a tablet, for example - and pair with up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices in total.