Hearing Healthcare Services in Abilene, TX

Other Services Offered

  • Hearing aid sales and fitting: We offer the latest hearing aids from all leading manufacturers. Based on your individual needs, we'll recommend the hearing aids that would be best suited for you. If you decide to purchase hearing aids from us, we'll custom program them for your unique needs.
  • Hearing aid reprogramming & hearing air repair: If you purchased hearing aids elsewhere or your current aids aren't working as well as you'd like, come see us and let us make adjustments to make your hearing aids more effective.
  • Tinnitus management: Tinnitus, known as ringing in the ears, can be a distracting and unpleasant experience. In some cases, tinnitus can be treated effectively with hearing aids.
  • Earwax management: Accumulation of earwax can affect your hearing and also damage your hearing aids. We can keep your ears and your hearing aids clean.

Care for Veterans

Our hearing instrument specialist, Greg Brenner, is a veteran himself who served in the Air Force. Caring for his fellow veterans is a passion of his. If you received hearing aids from the VA but need them serviced or refitted, please come see us. We'd love to help you start hearing better without having to wait in line.